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Prayer is always the fundamental and essential portion of the work done at any religious community or house. Prayer is the central reason for our existence. We offer prayer daily for Christ’s Kingdom, the world and for those who have made prayer requests.


Simplicity is central to the Franciscan way of life. We grow as much of our food as possible. That is one way we live a life of producer rather than as a consumer. We support the urban farming and slow food movements, local food producers and our local farmers markets. We live a way of healthy living by practicing natural health



We as Franciscans are commanded to go and preach the Gospel of Christ, but to use words only when it is necessary. We attempt to do what we are commanded through our work in support of those in need, both spiritually and physically.


We do not ask for donations for our self but for those organizations that provide for those in need and for those who are out there working to make this world a better place, Check our links for those.